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Our Staff

Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS 
Professor and Vice Chairman
Department of Plastic Surgery University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Dallas, Texas


Editor Emeritus
Fritz E. Barton, MD
Private Practice
Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
Dallas, Texas


Supporting Staff
Dori Kelly, Senior Manuscript Editor
Becky Sheldon, Business Manager
Barbara Williams, Corporate Sponsorship


Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, Inc.
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Contributing Editors

R. S. Ambay, MD
R. G. Anderson, MD
S. M. Bidic, MD
G. Broughton, II, MD, PhD
J. L. Burns, MD
C. T. Clasen, III, MD
D. Gonyon, MD
A. Gosman, MD
J. R. Griffin, MD
K. A. Gutowski, MD
R. Y. Ha, MD
L. H. Hollier, MD
R. E. Hoxworth, MD
J. E. Janis, MD
J. E. Leedy, MD
J. A. Lemmon, MD
A. Lipschitz, MD
R. A. Meade, MD
D. L. Mount, MD
J. C. O’Brien, MD
J. K. Potter, MD, DDS
R. J. Rohrich, MD
M. Saint-Cyr, MD
M. Schaverien, MRCS
M. C. Snyder, MD
J. F. Thornton, MD
A. P. Trussler, MD
R. I. S. Zbar, MD